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At Hamilton, Wilson, and Hendrickson Orthodontics, we have treated a variety of orthodontic issues. From crowding to severe underbites, we have seen it all! Our doctors’ diverse training, experience and ability to collaborate allow for comprehensive treatment plans for each patient. Not only does our orthodontic practice consist of top professionals in the field, but we have two convenient locations in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas to better serve each of our patients and their busy lives. Below we have listed some of the orthodontic problems our team of specialist can correct.

Orthodontic Cases

Case 1: Lower jaw midline does not match the upper jaw midline
Case 2: "Eye" teeth are up high and upper jaw has "crowding"
Case 3: Bite is "open" in the front and front teeth do not touch normally
Case 4: Upper teeth are inside the lower teeth or "underbite"
Case 5: Front teeth do not touch properly and lower jaw midline is off
Case 6: Upper jaw has "spacing"
Case 7: Upper jaw has "crowding" and front teeth overlap
Case 8: Upper jaw has "spacing" and front teeth overlap severely


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Our orthodontic teams in Topeka and Lawrence are well versed in all issues pertaining to orthodontics. If you are interested in correcting your orthodontic issue, please feel free to contact us or schedule a consultation online.  Depending on your specific orthodontic needs, treatment plans, like Invisalign or braces, may vary. Your local Topeka and Lawrence orthodontists look forward to your visit and giving you something to smile about!