Early Treatment


In the early years of development, your child’s mouth experiences many changes. Alongside said maturation, various problems may arise as teeth erupt from the gums. In order to best prevent possible issues, it is recommended that you take your child for their first visit to your local Lawrence or Topeka, KS orthodontist by age seven. At this age, children’s adult molars begin to emerge; consequently opening up the mouth to a variety of growth problems. If your child is brought to the orthodontist early on, however, our doctor will be able to ensure that those molars, and all other permanent teeth, grow straight and develop into a healthy bite.  

Reasons Why Early Orthodontics Is Important

In addition to the confidence that comes from a straight smile, there are other important reasons to pursue pediatric orthodontics in Lawrence and Topeka, KS for your children. The alignment services our offices offer will help to:

Harmonize the width of dental arches.
Correct harmful oral habits early in life.
Optimize jaw growth.
Improve eruption patterns.

Though misalignments might seem benign at first, the problems they cause down the line become progressively worse as additional permanent teeth emerge inside the mouth. Thus, correcting problems early on is frequently the best course of action.

 Your Orthodontist & You

By coming in for a consultation, your Lawrence or Topeka, KS orthodontist can identify any current or developing alignment concerns, and then inform you about possible treatment options.

Braces are the most common alignment treatment method for young children, however there are other courses to be considered as well. Your orthodontist will help you make this decision based on his recommendations and your child’s preferences. Following, the doctor will be there for you and your child every step of the way until the treatment is complete and the smile is corrected.  

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