The Damon Metal Braces System

At our orthodontic office, we use the Damon Braces System. The Damon System offers you amazing benefits. Experience great comfort and faster results than ever before.

There’s nothing “Standard” About The Metal Braces We Choose To Offer.

At Hamilton, Wilson and Hendrickson Orthodontics, we choose to use the high-tech Damon System. These braces achieve amazing orthodontic results are are way more comfortable than the braces you had as a kid.

These aren’t the braces you had when you were a kid.  Our Orthodontists are highly-traded in the Damon System. We chose this system because we firmly belief in the results, and benefits, they can offer our patients.

Why Should I Care About These Metal Braces?!

Greater Comfort |  Damon Metal Braces have a unique design which allows us to move your teeth with lighter forces than traditional braces. 
Fewer Office Visits! The Damon System moves your teeth with gentle, consistent forces. That means you’ll need fewer trips to the office to get the results we want!
Shorter Treatment Time! The Damon System allows your teeth to slide along the archwires freely, speeding up tooth movement. 
A High-Quality, Proven Option! Damon Metal Braces have a reputation as a reliable option for practices who care about the quality of the tools they use.
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Common Questions about our Metal Braces

Do Damon Braces Cost More Than Normal Braces?

Actually, they DO cost our office more to purchase. But, that doesn’t mean it costs more for you!


The Damon System Brackets are not cheap or ‘bargain’ standard brackets. They’re high-quality braces that we trust. Trusting the tools we to provide the results you expect are something we refuse to compromise on.

However, that cost isn’t past on to our patients, necessarily. Because of the benefits that these braces offer, we can actually finish your treatment faster, which saves you money. Plus, the experience with Damon Braces is far superior to the standard braces you or your parents had as a kid!

Where Can I learn More About Damon Metal Braces?

Great Question! We’re glad you’ve shown an interest in the braces we use!

You can learn more about The Damon System and Damon Metal Braces at the links below:

Should I Care What Braces My Orthodontist Is Using?

Honestly, most people dont. But there’s a great reason why you should!

For the most part people simply think that, “Hey. A Bracket is a bracket!”  But that’s not entirely true. Orthodontists have all kinds of reasons for why they choose the braces systems and the brackets they use – most often, orthodontist will pick the most affordable bracket.

For us, we felt strongly that choosing a high-quality bracket that provided noticeable and tangible benefits to our patients would make for great results and a much better experience.

Each and every orthodontist should have a reason for why they choose to use what they do – for us, it was always about the patients!

Do These Braces Give Me Super Powers?

We doubt it…

But maybe?!