Enhanced safety precautions at our office

We have always practiced universal precautions for the safety of our patients and staff and now we are adding additional steps to continue to protect everyone. In order to safely proceed with appointments, we need your cooperation with the following items:

Before your appointment:

  • Anyone entering our building must wear a mask. This includes patients. Masks will not be provided by our office.
  • We ask you report to us any travel you’ve taken within the last three months, current respiratory symptoms or fever you’re experiencing, previous exposure to illness, and if you have ever tested positive for COVID-19.
  • If you are a high-risk patient, please consider rescheduling your appointment.
  • As always, if you or a family member is ill, please call to reschedule your appointment.

Upon arrival to your appointment:

  • As of April 26, 2021, our lobbies are now open! However, if you’d like to remain in your car, please call us to check in to your appointment upon arrival.
  • We request that only the patient enter our building for their appointment. If the patient is underage, one adult may accompany them, but no additional children will be allowed in.

After your appointment:

  • Any minor patients without an accompanying adult will receive a “report card” that outlines their appointment, home care, what to expect at their next appointment and the next scheduled appointment date(s).

We are thrilled to be back to work and seeing our patients. We have certainly missed you and we appreciate your understanding, patience and cooperation as we navigate these uncharted waters and work to schedule everyone. We may look a bit different when you see us, but we promise we remain committed to being the same fun and exciting team that offers you the best orthodontic experience.

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