At Hamilton, Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics, it’s our goal to provide you with the most convenient orthodontic treatment possible. Whether you’re getting our Lawrence and Topeka braces treatment or Invisalign, we’re here to do all we can to make sure that your treatment is both a success and as stress-free as possible. In order to help make your Lawrence, KS Invisalign treatment go as smoothly as possible, we’d like to provide you with five additional useful tips.

Brush After Every Meal or Snack

This should go without saying, but it’s the most important thing to consider when undergoing your orthodontic treatment. You should always clean your teeth after a meal because you don’t want your aligners pushing food particles and bacteria against your teeth and gums. This can only lead to more dental problems. Remember to floss once a day as well.

Keep Your Aligners in Your Case When You’re Not Wearing Them

Since your aligners only need to be in for 22 hours per day, there will be periods of time where they won’t be in your mouth, especially when you’re eating and cleaning your teeth. Make sure to keep your aligners in your case during this time as it will cut down on the possibility that you lose or misplace your aligners. Many patients have even accidentally thrown their aligners away when they’ve left them lying around. Don’t fall victim to the same thing; make sure you keep your aligners safe and sound.

Take Out Your Aligners Before Working Out

One of the benefits of your aligners only having to be in for about 22 hours a day is that you have the opportunity to take them out for certain occasions. One of these occasions that we recommend taking your aligners out for is when you work out – especially if it’s a strenuous workout. Having your aligners in while working out can make your mouth extra dry and cause discomfort for you.

Chomp on ‘Chewies’

Invisalign treatment will attain its optimal results when teeth fit perfectly in each aligner before moving onto the next. When there are air gaps between your teeth and the aligner, that’s a sign that the aligners aren’t fitting well. If you have these gaps, your Lawrence and Topeka orthodontist recommends using ‘chewies,’ which are small cylindrical cushions. Biting down on these for a few times a day for several minutes at a time will help the aligner fit properly and lead to you finishing your treatment on time.

Delay Your Aligner Change Until After Important Events

If your aligner change falls on the day of or before an important event, such as a presentation, a date, or anything else that requires you to speak clearly, you should delay your aligner change. Changing aligners will typically take about a day to get acclimated to them. Until then, a patient may find that he or she has a bit of a lisp and some trouble speaking normally.

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