Hamilton, Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics

HWH is proud to serve Topeka, Kansas with incredible orthodontic experiences. With three amazing orthodontists, a legacy that’s almost 100 years old, and a desire to serve our communities with the best possible orthodontic results possible – we can’t wait to see you smile!

The Best Possible Orthodontic Experience  From Start To Finish.

Straight teeth aren’t all we’re concerned with – your overall experience matters just as much!

At Hamilton, Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics, our goal is to make sure you love every second you’re in our orthodontic offices.  From your actual treatment, to meeting our amazing team, to the amazing new orthodontic technology that makes your treatment more comfortable, faster and easier than ever before.

Most orthodontic offices don’t have 100 years of legacy to uphold. Ours does.

At Hamilton, Wilson & Hendrickson Orthodontics we’re so incredibly proud that we can have a track record of almost 100 years of exceptional service.

We believe you should expect a lot from your time with Hamilton, Wilson and Hendrickson Orthodontics. 

Three Orthodontists That Love Working Together.

Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Hendrickson love working together.

In fact, they often remark that they didn’t realize they would get to work with their best friends in an orthodontic practice. Doctors who love each other and get along goes a long way towards your experience here!

In fact, our orthodontist love each other so much that they Team Treat every orthodontic case – because three orthodontists are better than one!

Office Branding Accessories HWH Orthodontics Hamilton Wilson Hendrickson Topeka KS 2023 3 500x500 - Home Page
Office Branding Accessories HWH Orthodontics Hamilton Wilson Hendrickson Topeka KS 2023 500x500 - Home Page

A Clinical Team That Loves Your Kids Like Their Own

The HWH Orthodontic Team is amazing at loving people.

The kinds of experiences our patients rave about can very easily be summed up in how well our team loves on our patients. They treat them exactly like they would treat their own kids (let’s be honest, maybe even better!).

Making sure you feel like your part of our family while you’re here is what you should expect.

Orthodontic Options That Will Make You Smile!

You deserve options when it comes to your orthodontic care!

Every patient is different, and that means each patient needs a unique treatment plan to achieve a smile they’ll love. Our office is proud to offer comprehensive. No matter what problems you’re facing, we can design a plan to help you reach your dream smile.

Orthodontics For Adults | Discreet, timely orthodontic options catered towards adults.
Orthodontic Technology  | We invest latest orthodontic technology for one reason – you deserve the best.
Orthodontics For Kids | Learn everything  about your child’s orthodontic journey.
Orthodontic Financing Options | We can create a payment plan that fits your family’s budget.  
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…we’ve been around a while!

We've been around for almost 100 years!


We make people smile!

Go ahead, take a look!


…and why it matters!

See What We Believe.


See more of the HWH story!

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All this… just to make our patients smile!

Smiles are kinda our thing, right?

The reason patients love us — the reason patients grow up and bring their kids back to us — is because we treat every person like they’re the only person we’ll see all day.

 Great orthodontic experiences keep you smiling all day.  A great orthodontic result will keep you smiling for the rest of your life!