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At Hamilton, Wilson, & Hendrickson Orthodontics, we understand that patients have many questions about the treatment process. We’re here to help, whether you’re a current patient or considering orthodontic treatment for you or your children in Topeka, KS, and surrounding areas.

Our orthodontics are happy to provide general oral health advice and orthodontic tips to help you on the path to a beautiful smile.

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10 Great Foods to Eat With Braces and What to Avoid

Are you excited to get your braces? It can certainly be an exciting time, knowing you’re well on your way to the smile you’ve always wanted. The success of your braces treatment, whether it’s with metal braces or clear braces, depends as much on you as it does on us. There are things you must do, such as regular brushing…
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June 27, 2023
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Want to Know Why Braces Take So Long? Here Are the Facts!

Patients are often excited to get braces. After all, they’re going to end up with a beautiful, new smile! After a while, though, they sometimes get impatient. They want to know why braces take so long.  We totally understand the desire to see the final effect, but we also know how important it is to do your braces treatment right.…
hwhortho emblem min 150x150 - Blog | Topeka Orthodontist - HWH Orthodontics
May 25, 2023
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The Best Age for Braces for Kids? Earlier Than You Think!

Most people think the teen years are the best age for kids to get braces. But that’s not the case! Most orthodontists recommend kids start on braces earlier than their teen years when their mouths are still developing.  The earlier you catch dental issues, the easier you can repair them. Often, that saves time and money.  So what age should…
hwhortho emblem min 150x150 - Blog | Topeka Orthodontist - HWH Orthodontics
April 18, 2023
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Rubber Bands for Braces: How to Put Elastics on Correctly

We all know that braces straighten your teeth and give you a beautiful new smile, but sometimes, those braces need a bit of help. That help comes in the form of rubber bands. These small elastics help your braces fix your bite, which may be misaligned.  Rubber bands for braces are designed to line up your upper and lower teeth…
hwhortho emblem min 150x150 - Blog | Topeka Orthodontist - HWH Orthodontics
March 22, 2023
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Rubber Bands for Invisalign? How They Help Your Smile

You’ve probably heard about wearing rubber bands with braces, but did you know rubber bands work with Invisalign clear aligners as well? Invisalign clear aligners work much as braces do. They use gentle pressure to move your teeth into their proper positions.  Today’s Invisalign doesn’t just move your teeth. It can also fix crossbites, which is when the upper teeth…
hwhortho emblem min 150x150 - Blog | Topeka Orthodontist - HWH Orthodontics
February 28, 2023


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